Property Management Tips for Wedding Venues

Property Management Tips for Wedding Venues - Manor House Consulting

What is property management?

For wedding venues, property management refers to the physical maintenance of the event space, which includes:

  • Routine & Deep Cleaning
  • Structural Maintenance
  • Appliance Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Property Safety
  • Tool, Equipment & Inventory Maintenance
  • Property Organization
  • Event Setup
  • Supplies Inventory Management
  • Property Improvements

Why is property management important to a wedding venue? 

A unique, beautiful, clean, safe, and functional property has the power to:

  • Meet the high standards of wedding clients
  • Differentiate your venue from the competition
  • Manage risk by preventing injuries and event issues 
  • Repeatedly host stunning and smooth events
  • Attract excellent vendors
  • Build a strong reputation for your business
  • Create a unique experience for your guests
  • Make hosting an event at your venue easy for clients
  • Minimize negative client reviews

Five Ways to Improve Your Wedding Venue Property Management Practices

New and growing venues often become overwhelmed and exhausted with property tasks. More events mean more property work. It isn’t sustainable to constantly stress over all the details, rush to prepare for every event, or scramble when issues arise. There is a better way. Start putting property management systems, practices, schedules, and checklists in place now. Begin with these five ways to improve your property management practices:

  1. Conduct a property audit to analyze your property’s risks, function, and aesthetics.
  2. Create a strategic property improvement plan to plot projects logically over time.
  3. Develop a property maintenance schedule to keep your facility in shape.
  4. Make property prep and event task checklists to ensure your property is event-ready every time.  
  5. Generate a list of tools and supplies to keep on hand.

What’s next?

Snag a copy of our Property Management Guide to learn more about the systems you can use to improve your property management practices. This practical guide describes, in detail, how to do all five of the tasks mentioned above. Property management isn’t glamorous, but it is crucial to your venue’s success. Use this guide to create a system that works for you and wows every visitor.

While in our shop, check out other resources to help you uplevel your venue. For example, the Wedding Venue Business Plan Guide and Vendor Management Guide would be invaluable to your business at all stages of development. Contact us with general and product-specific questions. We’re here for you!

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