What is the #1 job of every wedding venue? It's not marketing. It’s not customer service. It's not decorating. Instead, your #1 job as a venue is to take care of your space. Clients want to book a venue that is unique, beautiful, clean, safe, and functional. This makes property management your top priority. In this guide, we discuss: 

 - How to assess your property through a property audit
 - How to create a strategic property improvement plan
 - How to develop a property maintenance schedule
 - How to build property prep and event task checklists
 - What tools and supplies you will need for your property

Property management isn’t glamorous, but it cannot be ignored. Adopt efficient systems and realistic plans NOW that help you manage risk and prepare for the future. Your hard work will pay off when you attract your ideal clients, repeatedly host incredible events and build a strong reputation. Let's get started!

Note: This guide does not include information about property selection, property purchasing, or new construction.


Property Management Guide

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