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How to start a wedding venue

How to open a business

How to reach the clients I want

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You're in the right place if you've been googling...

worry about making everyone happy (Clients, Spouse, Kids, etc.)

Need more hours in the day for your never-ending to-do list

Have so many questions you don't even know where to start

because we know what it feels like to...

We're here to help

Have big dreams, but not a clear vision for how to get there

Stress over budgets, finances and Paperwork

Get overwhelmed Or frustrated by technologY

Five years ago we were right where you are now when we decided to make a change. We did the work to get legit, refine our marketing, put systems in place & adjust our mindset.

Now, we're sharing everything we know.

You Value expert knowledge because it will save You time and prevent mistakes

You believe that all clients deserve to be treated like royalty

You believe your work is meaningful and your offer is valuable

You are willing to work hard to make your business dream a reality

You’re ready to upleveL your business without losing your sanity

You genuinely want to serve others with authenticity and integrity

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Hit the ground running with a business that is set up for success from the start. Get our advice on exactly what you'll need before opening for business.

Brand Development

perfect for aspiring, growing & established venues

Wedding Venue Consulting


Marketing Strategy

Client Management

Event Management

Property Management

Vendor RElations

Together let's create a unique, recognizable and cohesive brand that attracts your ideal client, clearly communicates what you do &  builds trust through authenticity.

Make the most of your time and budget by determining the best way to reach your potential clients.  We'll teach you to when, where and how to get the word out. 

Every client deserves 5-star service.  To constantly deliver that level of service, we'll help you put easy systems in place to keep track of your clients’ entire experience. 

Run like a machine on event days by adopting routines and checklists.  We share all our secrets so that you and your staff will always know what needs to be done next.

Taking care of a large property doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We teach you how to put systems in place so that your property looks great and functions well.

Hosting a wedding is a team effort with sometimes a dozen or more wedding professionals involved. We'll show you on how to attract great vendors. 

You have an idea for a business, but you're not sure how to get started.  That's where we come in to teach you what you'll need to start selling.

Strategic planning

perfect for product
& service based businesses

Small Business Consulting

Business Basics

Product Development

Marketing Strategy

Operating systems

Customer Service

Put a thoughtful plan in place for the who, what, when, where and how of your business. 

Your products and/or services should solve a problem or meet a need. We can show you how to create offerings that people want and need.

Develop a brand, marketing plan and sales process that attracts raving fans.  Learn how to make the most of your time and marketing money.

Create systems, behind the scenes, that make it easier to manage your people, products and information.

The key to any business is happy customers.  Together we'll figure out the best way for you to serve your customers well.

You have big goals and wild dreams for creating impact.  We'll help you put a plan in place for exactly how you will achieve those goals. 

Brand Development

perfect for community &
Cause-driven organizations

Non-Profit Consulting

Strategic Planning

Marketing Strategy

Operations Management

Community development

Event Management

Together let's create a unique, recognizable and cohesive brand that creatively communicates who you are, what you care about and who you serve.

Make the most of your time and budget by determining the best way to reach your community.  We'll teach you to when, where and how to get the word out. 

Thoughtful and efficient systems will help you serve your cause well. Order behind the scenes creates a foundation for impactful growth.

Building relationships with supportive partners, donors, volunteers and communities will drive your cause forward. We'll show you how to make connections that matter. 

Event success is dependent on creative vision, exceptional marketing and thoughtful event logistics.  We'll share all our secrets to hosting  an excellent event every time.

Step 1 : Chat

Let's chat about your and your business to see if MHC is a good fit for you

Step 2 : Booking

Choose which products & services are best for you. sign a contract & pay a deposit to get started!

Step 3 : Gather

This is where we become besties! We collect information and inspiration to guide our work together.

Step 4 : Create

MHC gets to work on your project. This is where the magic happens!

Step 5 : Collaborate

So that you're 110% happy, we want your feedback so wecan make final, icing-on-the-cake Tweaks.

Step 6 : Implement

Cue the confetti! It's time to launch, get trained & take actions. You're ready to take the reins.

The Process


The Process

This process may vary slightly based on Your
needs and specific project details.


Let's chat about you and your business to see if MHC is a good fit for you.  


This is were we become besties! We collect information and inspiration to guide our work together.  


Cue the confetti!  It's time to launch, get trained and take action.  You're ready to take the reins.


So you're 110% happy, we want your feedback so we can make final, icing-on-the-cake tweaks.


Choose which products and services are best for you. Then sign a contract and paying a deposit to get started!

MHC gets down to work on your project.  The magic happens here!

Warrenwood Manor

Warrenwood Manor is our very own wedding venue in Danville, Kentucky.  We built everything about this business, but our most recent rebranding project may be the most beautiful yet.  Our rebrand included a stunning new website that is totally worth a peek!

Visual update of website & blog 

Refreshed website copy

Lynnwood Estate

Bryan & Melissa Tipton enlisted our help when they decided to turn their 1880's Kentucky estate into a wedding venue. Here is what we delivered:

A romantic & timeless brand to attract luxury events

Operational tools to manage their client experience

Templates for foundational business documents

Custom development of business offerings

Heartland of Versailles

Laura Stouffer knew her 1886 Victorian home in Versailles, Kentucky would be perfect for hosting events. We helped her with the following:

Website template customization

Social media graphics & training

Client management system setup & training

Contract development 

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