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5 BUSINESS tools you need right now!

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Great business tools can catapult your business forward. Through years of trial and error, we found these tools to be absolute game changers.

A Few of our Favorite Tools

In the spirit of full disclosure, certain links on this page are affiliate links, which means that we may get commissions if you decide to purchase anything from any of these companies. Rest assured, we only recommend products that we love ourselves and that we think you’ll love, too.

Before Honeybook, our client information was so scattered I was constantly worried I was forgetting something. Honeybook brings ALL your client communication together in one place so you know what needs to be done and when. It is faster and easier to get clients the information they need to book and work with you which means $$$ in your pocket faster!

Get & Stay Organized


G Suite is absolutely essential to our business and it probably will be for your's too. We trust Google to handle all our emails, domain, and calendar. We even store and collaborate on documents with our team and clients via Google Drive. That isn't even all G Suite can do, but those are four major functions you don't want to hand over to just anyone.   

G Suite

Quickbooks isn't just for accounting anymore, though it does that well.  Now, Quickbooks is a powerful tool for making educated decisions about your finances. Allow Quickbooks to track income, expenses and  taxes so you can focus on serving your clients. Easy integration with your bank account and countless other platforms, like Honeybook, makes Quickbooks even more powerful.  


Trello is a to-do list on steroids! We use Trello to organize and prioritize tasks that aren't client-related, like property projects and marketing plans. Our first step, with every project, is to break the plan down into action items on a Trello board so that we always know what is and isn't complete. Trello helps us stay sane by creating our daily roadmap. I feel so accomplished when I am intentional about how I send my time.


Look & Sound Legit

Know that your writing is clear, concise and engaging with the help of Grammarly, your personal writing tutor. As you whip out emails and blog posts, this app alerts you of spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Grammarly actually made three great recommendations for this paragraph and I willingly took the advice. Your words matter so make the most of them with Grammarly!


We aren't professional graphic designers, but with Canva you'd never know it. Canva is the simple graphic-design tool we use to create stunning digital and print content. Use one of the thousands of templates or start your design from scratch. Canva makes life easier by automatically selecting the dimensions of your design based on what platform it will be shared. It's that awesome!


I am like a kid in a candy shop every time I visit Creative Market.  As an online marketplace for digital design resources, Creative Market offers stock images, design elements, icons, fonts, and all sorts of templates. Once you find what you're looking for it is super easy to purchase, download and use immediately. I actually bought the script font for this website on Creative Market!


Shopify is our go-to e-commerce platform.  Easy to learn and quick to set up, your online store can be up and running in no time.  Shopify allows your customers to view and purchase both physical and digital products.  Shopify will even automatically deliver digital products so your customers receive it almost immediately.  It sounds pretty great because it is really great.


I would choose Showit as my website building platform, a thousand times over.  Forget about coding and overly complicated website editors. Showit's drag and drop style makes it easy to use a template, design your own website or tweak a website someone else designed for you.  It is also comforting that, Showit's amazing customer service team to save the day if you get stuck on something.


Elizabeth McCravy of The EM Shop designs custom and template Showit websites with personality.  Her templates are easy to use and strategically-designed to transform viewers into raving customers. Her sites also come with an amazing Showit training course for beginners. Whether you buy a template or custom website, you're sure to be blown away by her level of customer service.  I know I was!


Spread the Word

We had NO idea how powerful Pinterest could be for a business until we started using Tailwind to schedule pins to Pinterest.  Easily promote your own material as well as curate the work of like-minded businesses with Tailwind. Advanced analytics show you what is and isn't working so you can identify what your audience would love to hear from you about.  


Plann is a desktop & mobile app for Instagram planning, scheduling. and analytics that is powerful yet simple to use. Before we started using Plann we struggled with posting consistently and meaningfully. Now, we plan out content in advance then post on the go. Plann makes it easy to visualize how your feed will look so you can create a cohesive feel that tells your story and represents your brand well. 


I'll be honest, we resisted email marketing for the longest time.  It seemed overwhelming and just plain scary.  But, Flodesk simplifies the process, provides beautiful templates and gives you just enough customization options that you feel powerful instead of overwhelmed. It feels good to deliver meaningful content in stunning emails that fuel real business growth. 


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